1 in custody after carjacking suspect driver crashes in downtown Seattle

ByShannon J. Cortes

Mar 1, 2022

A car crashed into a Starbucks reservation on Capitol Hill after a Lyft driver and a passenger were allegedly hijacked in downtown Seattle.

SEATTLE — A person is in custody after a suspect allegedly hijacked a Lyft driver and passenger in downtown Seattle and led police in pursuit on Capitol Hill before crashing Tuesday afternoon.

In another incident, a 27-year-old man was stabbed near Fourth Avenue and Pike Street in downtown Seattle. He is in stable condition, according to the Seattle Fire Department.

The Seattle Police Department initially reported that the stabbing and the accident were related, although police later said that was not the case.

The carjacking incident started with a Lyft pickup. The driver was helping the passenger put his luggage in the back of the car when he said someone jumped into the driver’s seat and tried to drive away.

The Lyft driver said he got in the car to try to regain control.

Seattle police were responding to the stabbing when they saw the carjacking happen. Believing the men they saw getting into the car were involved in the stabbings, officers began pursuing the car.

While pursuing the vehicle, officers could see the driver and passenger fighting.

The vehicle crashed into the Starbucks Reserve Roastery near Minor Avenue and Pike Street.

Upon questioning the two, officers learned that the passenger was the owner of the car. The owner of the vehicle explained that he was a carpool driver and was coming to pick up a customer when the suspect jumped into the driver’s seat and drove off.

Police arrested the 35-year-old suspect. He was taken to hospital with minor injuries and will be incarcerated in King County Jail for robbery, police say.

Stabbed victim located

Meanwhile, officers found the stabbing victim at Fourth Avenue and Pike Street.

Seattle Fire Department medics treated the man at the scene, but he refused to go to the hospital.

The victim told officers he was about to use narcotics when someone snatched the narcotics from his hands.

The victim said he chased the suspect, who turned around and stabbed him twice.

Police have video footage of the incident and are investigating.