88 acres in Hanover to become a downtown pedestrian area

Construction on the first phase has begun to transform 88 acres in the Whippany neighborhood of Hanover Township into the River Park Town Center designed by DMR Architects, a downtown destination with 967 residential units, 80,000 square feet of retail , two 125-room extended stay hotels, an outdoor amphitheater and the completion of the Patriot Trail along the Whippany River. The first phase includes the construction of one of eleven buildings and will provide 81 residential units, a swimming pool, a fitness center and community facilities.

DMR’s plans for the first city center in Canton Hanover’s more than 220-year history will completely transform the way people and businesses communicate with the area which is currently largely populated by corporate office campuses.

“The creative challenge in Hanover was to design something that fulfilled many functions that are completely new here while preserving the communal character and the existing physical and natural landscaping,” said Francis Reiner, redevelopment consultant and partner of DMR Architects. “This is an excellent example of proactive municipal planning and development and the fruitful collaboration of a municipality, a developer, urban planners and architects. This project will foster smart growth with elements that will appeal to residents, buyers, employers and their staff.

When complete, downtown River Park will also include over 20 acres of public recreation space, including an amphitheater and park, generous staging areas for community engagement, and patio parking options. , at the edge of the street and on the surface. More than 40% of the land will be left in its natural state.

Downtown River Park will connect directly to routes 10 and 287/80, making getting around easier.

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