A Tesla with the autonomous driving system activated hit a pole Watch the video!

ByShannon J. Cortes

Feb 21, 2022

The crash happened in San Jose, Calif., and caused minor damage to the car’s front bumper. Watch the video !

At the beginning of February, the owner of a Tesla Model 3, shared Youtube a video where he explained the details of the accident of his car against a pole that separates a highway from a cycle path. This all happened while the vehicle had activated Tesla’s Fully Autonomous Driving (FSD) beta 10.10.

The crash occurred in downtown San Jose, California as the owner was about to turn a corner, the vehicle’s FSD did not recognize the bike lane marking object and ended up hitting the post, causing minor damage to the bumper. in front of the car.

According to the driver, the Software the You’re here he did not detect the other poles installed in the street, so he had to intervene manually to avoid a new impact.

It’s not the only case

We know that this was not the only accident involving the autopilot system of Elon Musk’s company. It was November of last year when the owner of a Tesla model reported FSD was responsible for another vehicle crashing when it entered the wrong lane in southeast Los Angeles, for which the United States National Highway Safety Administration has launched an investigation.

FSD is software that allows the car to move autonomously after entering destination data into the navigation system. But, Elon Musk’s company takes no responsibility for its use and that’s why it makes this warning:

Autopilot and full self-driving capability are intended for use by a fully aware driver who has their hands on the wheel and is ready to take control at a moment’s notice.

Watch the video :

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