Amazon Go Store in Downtown Seattle Temporarily Closing: Here’s Why

ByShannon J. Cortes

Aug 8, 2022

Amazon is the next company to close a downtown Seattle store over ‘security’ concerns, according KING 5.

The Fourth Avenue and Pike Street Amazon Go store will be temporarily closed “for the safety of our store employees, customers and third-party vendors, and we hope conditions in the area improve and we can reopen. in the future,” according to a company spokesperson Friday, August 5. Employees at this location have been offered positions at other nearby stores.

Other businesses and business owners have discontinued service in the area due to ongoing crime issues. Last month, Starbucks closes five downtown stores due to customer and employee complaints.

In February, Piroshky Piroshky, a popular Seattle bakery, closed its Third Avenue location “until further notice.” The announcement came the day after a deadly shooting in the area.

“We have been patiently communicating with a city for 6 months, but things are only getting worse,” Olga Saganthe owner of Piroshky Piroshky, said KOMO at the time. “We feel the city has abandoned the downtown area and is not treating this crisis (both humanitarian and criminal) as an emergency. All we hear is that they are talking and they are not don’t act.”

KING 5 says the Seattle Police Department has assigned six officers to Third Avenue alone and launched a mobile police station in the area.