Annual Zonta de Pascagoula festival draws crowds downtown

PASCAGOULA, Miss. (WLOX) – Thousands of people invaded downtown Pascagoula on Saturday. The Zonta Festival has taken over the city center every first Saturday in October for over 40 years, and the crowds keep growing.

“It’s really relaxed, everyone is having a good time,” said Chris Covacevich.

“My favorite thing about the festival is how kid friendly it is,” said Jerry Warden. “How good everyone is about kids and you can’t beat the food.”

The large crowd is the highlight of the annual Zonta festival in downtown Pascagoula. Dozens of vendors lined the streets with everything and everything to gain.

“I have a planet dimple and I have a mini popper,” said Gracie Lee.

Gracie Lee wasn’t the only one who found something that immediately caught her eye. From jewelry to personalized t-shirts, Ashlie Barnes couldn’t resist the hot corn and shopping.

“Shops that do everything, I love children’s clothes because they have good prices and they always have good sales and I’m the type to buy clothes for my kid,” Barnes said. “I’m spoiling it rotten.”

As families take long walks from their cars to enter the festival, Pascagoula police are there to direct traffic.

“The community is all about it,” said Ashlie’s mother, Barbi Barnes.

The community is what Barbi Barnes and others have said seems to grow with each year, especially as people struggle to come together after a difficult year.

“One thing we noticed coming here is that we meet people we haven’t seen in years,” Covacevich said. “It makes things more normal. Go about things that you are used to going to every year. “

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