Austin Transportation seeks to improve downtown and wants public participation

ByShannon J. Cortes

Aug 3, 2022

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Austin Department of Transportation is working on a plan to improve Austin’s downtown road network, and the department wants your input.

The Austin Core Transportation (ACT) plan, led by ATD, is a study of transportation and mobility options in downtown Austin.

The ACT plan will include a list of projects to help ATD achieve its mobility vision for the downtown core, as well as an implementation plan. The first step in the process is an investigation.

It can be taken in English and Spanish.

The survey will help staff learn more about the different elements of transportation you would like to see on downtown streets, how you currently travel to and within downtown, and how you would like the do in the future. The survey will close on Friday, September 30.

Future phases of the ACT plan will ask for your input on how you want specific streets to look, and ATD plans to have draft street plans available for comment later this year.

The plan will coordinate and facilitate several major downtown projects, such as Project Connect, I-35 Capital Express Central and Palm District Planning Initiative.

The survey should take approximately five to ten minutes to complete. If you have questions or concerns about the survey or the ACT plan, visit the ACT Plan website or email [email protected]

ATD is also looking for stakeholders who would consider participating in a possibility of paid participation, and you can register using their form.