Bakersfield business leaders plan to revitalize downtown

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – Business leaders gathered and shared their ongoing projects in downtown Bakersfield.

The goal is to revitalize the neighborhood and make downtown a better place for the community.

The event was an annual symposium for downtown leaders to share their plans for the future with the rest of the community.

About ten leaders took to the stage to share their visions for the future. From medical, to retail, to nonprofits and even finance. The symposium was hosted by the “Hub of Bakersfield”, a non-profit organization dedicated to breathing new life into the city’s urban areas.

“This is our opportunity for us to bring up these big ideas about the city center,” said Andrae Gonzales, member of Bakersfield City Council and chair of the Hub of Bakersfield. “About what may be in the future.”

Adventist Health and Moneywise Wealth Management each spoke about the big changes to downtown buildings. Moneywise, owner of the old Woolworths building, said he would keep the restaurant while the basement and upper floors were renovated.

“If you stand in the middle of 27th Street and look at the campus with your back to Chester and we’ll partner with the city to probably close 27th Street,” said Daneil Wolcott, president of Adventist Health. “If you were to be in our emergency room in the past two years, you probably know that we need more space in this emergency room and therefore that would be a significant extension of the service. “

Other ongoing projects included beautifying the area, providing more garbage cans and planting more trees along the walkways.

“We believe that by having these conversations on a regular basis, on an annual basis, we can continue to promote downtown improvement,” Gonzales said.

The Bakersfield Hub is already planning its next symposium. If you have a plan that will affect downtown and want to get in touch with the Hub, you can do so by following this link to their web page.