Bridgton is looking for wall designs for the city center

After a difficult year for many small businesses, cities and business owners are getting creative to grow their businesses. In Bridgton, creativity is literal, with the city launching a public art campaign.

The City of Bridgton Arts and Culture Subcommittee is working with building and business owners in downtown Bridgton to solicit wall designs that reflect and showcase unique aspects of the city in the goal of attracting more businesses to the city center.

“We are a steering committee to bring arts and culture to this small town because that’s what we really miss, and if we increase arts and culture, it increases tourism, it increases business and our focus. primary is tourism, ”said Greg Bullard, chair of the Arts & Culture subcommittee.

The committee hopes to have at least three murals to begin with, and Bullard said some local business owners, pending design approval and building owners’ permission, are interested in having their buildings painted.

“I’ve spoken to two owners before, and there are places that have walls that are just horrors,” Bullard said. “Everyone got really, really excited. “

For Bullard, who has a graduate degree in commerce as well as painting, the effort is especially important. The goal, he said, is to turn large-scale painting into a community-wide event and eventually into a larger art movement in the city.

“Making murals is a precursor to bigger things. It’s just the most visible and easiest thing to do, ”Bullard said. “The next one is to create a performing arts center or a building where people can rent studios. So it’s my big dream, it’s to have a community arts center. One of the most gaping things when it comes to arts and culture is the performing arts, there just isn’t a place for the performing arts here in this city.

Murals submissions will be reviewed by the Community Development Sub-Committee and Advisory Committee and possibly the Planning and Selection Boards. The deadline to submit a design is August 13.

Ideas and designs can be sent to Bullard at [email protected]

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