City Council of Elba implements truck route ordinance for city center | New

ByShannon J. Cortes

Jul 28, 2022

Elba City Council met Monday evening, July 25, and City Clerk Sally Bane announced that the city had received waivers for roads that the state was handing over to the city after the completion of the proposed US Highway 84 via Elba.

Bane said the deeds would be registered with the courthouse this week, transferring ownership from the state to the city. At the same time, she said a heavy truck route ordinance would be implemented.

The city passed the ordinance several months ago, but delayed publishing it in the newspaper until it received the city’s quitclaim deeds. This order is published in this week’s edition of The Elba Clipper, making it effective with this publication. [The ordinance can be read in its entirety on Page 6 of today’s paper].

When asked by council members whether the city had “signed on” to accept the roads in their current conditions, Bane said city officials learned through this process that the state could turn them over to the city, that the city accepts the conditions or not. without any recourse.

Additionally, Councilwoman Jane Brunson asked about the damage done to the Pea River Bridge when Davis Street and the bridge were repaved, and Bane said the state maintains that their crews did not cause these damage. Brunson said she disagreed, but also agreed there was nothing the city could really do at this point to force the state to repair the damage.

The city clerk also announced at Monday night’s meeting that Scotty Sullivant had sent the city a letter stating “due to high fuel prices and labor costs, as well as lack of skilled labor, it is no longer profitable for him to run the city’s recycling station.She said Sullivant’s letter stated that her last day of operation would be September 25.e.

“We hope to have recycling options to discuss at the August 8 meeting.e workshop,” Bane said.

The clerk also introduced the council members to the new assistant clerk.

Bane said Falisa Cole, originally from Elba, had accepted the job. She said Cole earned his undergraduate degree in accounting after graduating from Elba High School.

“Falisa has years of accounting experience in the private sector,” Bane said. “She has worked in California and, more recently, in Georgia. She understands our system very quickly and we are grateful to have her on our team. »

The board approved several board appointments on Monday night, including:

• Greg Corder – reappointed to the Airport Board of Directors until August 2027

• Laurie Chapman – reappointed to the Airport Board of Directors until August 2028

• Jason Holley – reappointed in zoning council adjustments until August 2025

• Kenneth Strong – reappointed to the Health Care Authority Board of Directors until November 2025; and

• Julie Holley has been appointed to the Elba Water and Electricity Board, replacing Jake Cowen who recently resigned because he was leaving the city limits.

Additionally, at the meeting, Mayor Tom Maddox said the Elba Healthcare medical office was scheduled to open Tuesday, August 2 at 8 a.m.