City of Milwaukee and Milwaukee Downtown BID Assemble Team for Downtown Plan Update Efforts

Downtown Milwaukee

The City of Milwaukee and Milwaukee Downtown Business Improvement District No. 21 have selected businesses to participate in efforts to update the Downtown Area Plan.

Based in Milwaukee PPP Development Group will lead equity and engagement efforts throughout the planning process, according to a press release.

Several companies have been hired for urban design services. They include the Cedarburg-based company Kubala Washatko Architectsbased in Kansas City NHTbased in Milwaukee American Design Inc. and based in Brookfield rassmith.

The Downtown Area Plan presents a vision for the land use and development of downtown Milwaukee. The city and BID are leading efforts to revise the plan, which was created in 1999 and last updated in 2010.

The original plan included goals such as the creation of the Milwaukee Public Market, the redevelopment of the Park East Freeway Corridor, the reuse of the historic Pabst Brewery Complex, the renovation and expansion of the Milwaukee Intermodal Station, and the construction and expansion of the Milwaukee Riverwalk. These and other objectives have largely been achieved.

The 2010 plan, meanwhile, identified several major developments deemed essential to the growth of the town centre. They included a fixed-rail streetcar line, revitalization of Wisconsin Avenue, new traffic patterns, development and public space in the Lakefront Gateway area, construction of a “Broadway Connection” to connect the downtown and the Third Historic Quarter, developing the area around Pere Marquette Square. with residential, commercial and entertainment uses, improving the Milwaukee Intermodal Station area, improving accessibility to MacArthur Square, and developing the Haymarket area into a mixed-use neighborhood with a public plaza.

The updated plan is expected to be released in 2022.

“While many of the recommendations and catalyst projects called for in the 2010 plan have been implemented or are underway, the 2010 Downtown Plan is still highly relevant,” said Milwaukee Chief Executive Beth Weirick. Downtown, in a press release. “We envision this next iteration as a refresh of that plan, with some strategic updates to better position the central business district for growth and investment.”