Crime in Downtown Seattle: Impact on the Arts

ByShannon J. Cortes

Apr 1, 2022

Re: “As more and more shows open in the Seattle area, how are ticket sales going?” [March 25, Entertainment]:

I believe the most obvious reason for the drop in subscriptions and ticket sales has been overlooked.

The article focused on COVID-19 and racial equity issues. No mention was made of crime and dirty streets that endanger pedestrians at night. At one time we had subscriptions for the 5th Avenue Theatre, Seattle Symphony, ACT Theatre, Seattle Opera and Intiman Theatre. We enjoyed dinner downtown before the performances. However, even before the onslaught of COVID, we canceled all subscriptions. Now, we rarely cross Seattle city limits.

We were, yes, afraid of the shootings, the drug dealings, the muggings and the filth of the ever-expanding tent cities. We miss the great cultural experiences of attending the shows in Seattle. However, we will not take any risks on potential criminal activities encroaching on our physical and mental safety.

Seattle arts communities should lobby the city government to clean up downtown. And the city government, if it hasn’t already noticed, should consider the drop in revenue from patrons who no longer wish to enter downtown Seattle for arts activities.

Makoto “Mac” Fletcher, Bellevue