Downtown Seattle: ‘Clean up this mess’

“How will downtown Seattle bounce back from the pandemic?” once again describes and denounces the abandonment of downtown Seattle.

Let’s look around us. Didn’t the same pandemic happen in Bellevue? I can walk down the street there and feel safe, and not see the blackened, boarded up windows. Perhaps it has to do with Seattle’s complete and utter disregard for dealing with homelessness, addiction and mental illness.

Our “leaders”, of course, will do another study and form more commissions, spending millions without a single action to correct these problems. We may need more money, but we definitely need more leadership and the determination of the citizens of this city to clean up this mess. I believe I have the right to use Denny Park, enjoy downtown, and feel safe in my city. Why do tents have to be in these places? Why not Harbor Island?

The reason downtown won’t rebound isn’t because of the pandemic or working from home. It’s because it’s such a horrible, dangerous and depressing place that no one wants to go there.

David WarthSeattle