Downtown Seattle needs to clean up before inviting people to return

The Downtown Seattle Association is launching a new campaign because after a year and a half of feeling the pain of the pandemic, they want us all to come and visit the heart of the city.

The campaign highlights Seattle attractions and special summer events. The Downtown Seattle Association hopes to encourage us to consult with the nearly 300 businesses that have reopened since last year.

Even the mayor pointed out how we have to “bring everyone back”.

I want to support business, but I drove through downtown Seattle last Saturday because I wanted to see it for myself. I had heard about the section of Third Avenue that had been cleaned up. I heard there were promises that something was going to happen at City Hall Park.

Nothing happened. In fact, it was the saddest sight.

I like to take the light rail to downtown Seattle and then I could go to Pike Place Market because it’s always a lot of fun. And you know I love Seattle. I love our International District.

I like the city center, but not now. Before we bring everyone back, can we fix it first?

It’s so sad to see people sleeping on the floor. I tried to count the tents – there were over 40 in the town hall park. Nothing happened. I wouldn’t feel safe walking there. Take a stroll through downtown Seattle at night.

Before you try to do the big promotion, try to clean it up first. It might help.

It is the city that I love, the city that I want to become itself again.

Taken from Tuesday’s edition of the Gee and Ursula Show on KIRO Radio. Edited for length and clarity.

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