Downtown Tyler receives the city’s 7th Historic District

ByShannon J. Cortes

Jul 14, 2022

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) – The downtown Tyler neighborhood was recognized as a historic district during this morning’s city council meeting, followed by a celebration and unveiling ceremony on Wednesday afternoon.

“The National Historic District honourary title isn’t something every downtown can achieve, so we knew if we could take that extra small step, it would lend a little more prestige to all the efforts we’re doing. here downtown,” said Amber Varona, director of Tyler’s Main Street.

The Historic District title gives downtown property owners additional tax credits so the federal and state government can revitalize buildings.

“So how does this benefit them because it allows some of these big projects that the community wanted to happen, some of the biggest and most important developments that are here downtown that have been doing this for a while, this allows them to fill that financial gap and make these projects a reality,” says Verona.

The new neighborhood was created and approved on May 21 by the Texas Historical Commission State Board of Review due to the fact that downtown has 133 properties, ninety-five of which are historic.

Planning Director Kyle Kingma explains the qualifications sought by the National Register.

“The National Registry is looking at a nomination, they’re looking at contributing properties that will have historic value, and so often it’s because they’re 50 or older, but also they have a different style or style of specific architecture,” says Kingma.

The district boundaries contain the largest collection of intact historic resources associated with the founding, growth and development of Tyler.

You can learn more about historic preservation in Tyler here.

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