Lyon students beautify the city center

ByShannon J. Cortes

Sep 20, 2021

TOOMBS COUNTY, Georgia (WTOC) – Toombs County high school and middle school students are working together to beautify downtown Lyon.

This belvedere is in the heart of downtown Lyon. Over the next few weeks, she and the surrounding area will be beautified.

Toombs County middle and high school agriculture and horticulture classes work together to clean up some of the landscaping. Last week, the middle school kids cleared the area, so the high school kids could have a new canvas to execute on their design plan. The class worked hard to come up with ideas for the area, such as what type of plants and mulch they would like to use.

Teacher Lauren Stanley says they want the neighborhood to thrive while requiring little maintenance for the city after the project is completed.

“I will learn a lot of new skills because when we are at school we usually don’t have the opportunity to go and plant other things than in the greenhouse, so be outside and actually see our work being presented to the community is really cool, ”said rookie Jaycie Willett.

“Not only do I hope they gain a sense of appreciation for service to the community, but I also really hope they get a taste of what a career in landscaping would be like. There are a lot of careers that deal with landscaping and I kind of want to broaden their horizons when it comes to jobs available in the industry, ”Stanley said.

Stanley says they hope to start planting by the end of the week and be ready in time for the city’s Real Squeal festival in a few weeks.

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