Manistee plans to create a downtown district, an authority

The 11-member Manistee County Council of Commissioners appears to be heading for downsizing as a state-mandated redistribution committee holds sessions on redistribution to keep pace with population shifts . Yesterday the county commission learned that so far the redistribution committee had considered reducing it from 11 members to nine, seven or maybe five in this redistribution process.

The meeting sees the crowd

Large crowds filled the council chamber at Manistee Town Hall last night in a public hearing to express both support and concern for a proposed center development authority -City of Manistee. Most of the comments were very supportive of the organization of a local authority that would be able to help prevent the future deterioration of the city center and to authorize the creation and implementation of development plans in a neighborhood. development of the proposed city center.


Stickers for mailing

With the great Christmas mail rush underway, Postmaster Joseph Adamski is urging that all Christmas mail and packages be mailed as soon as possible. Labels are available with the words “Everything for local delivery” and “Everything for out-of-town delivery”. Labels can be obtained from the post office and can be attached to bundles of mail for faster dispatch once the mail reaches the post office.


The president will discuss the war

(FROM THE UNITED PRESS) – President Roosevelt’s address to the nation tonight will be largely devoted to a discussion of the “Nazi model” of the current war involving the United States, the White House said today. Secretary Stephen Early told a press conference the chief executive would spend most of the day working on his speech, which would deal more with the “Nazi model of this global situation” than the specific details of war operations. with Japan in the Pacific.

Dog license

It was announced today by City Clerk John Watson that dog licenses can be paid for at any time now. The fees are as follows: $ 0.50 for male or unsexed animals and $ 1 for females.