Merced Police Officer Starts New Beat Up In Downtown District

ByShannon J. Cortes

Dec 23, 2021


Merced Police Officer Jennifer Shaw begins a new defined beat this week in the “downtown district,” according to the Merced Police Department. Shaw has been a six-year public safety veteran. Image courtesy of the Merced Police Department.

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A Merced Police Officer will start a new set beat in Merced this week.

Officer Jennifer Shaw has been assigned to the new beat “Downtown District” to support the city’s business district, according to a press release from the Merced Police Department.

“We want downtown Merced to be a safe and welcoming destination for business customers and customers,” Merced Police Chief Tom Cavallero said in the statement. “Jennifer is not only an extremely competent police officer, but she’s also genuinely caring and approachable. She appreciates the value of this effort and will be tireless in making downtown Merced even better.

Shaw, who has been a six-year public safety veteran, will strive to build relationships with traders and attend special events while leading law enforcement and service efforts on the beat, defined as 19th Street, 14th Street G Street and Bear Creek Drive, the statement said.

Police said that area of ​​the city generated more than 12,500 incidents for police personnel this year. Shaw will initially work during traditional office hours, but “will have the full support of her department as she develops strategies to achieve her goals,” the statement said.

“This is an important part of creating a safe and vibrant downtown, advancing council goals and priorities,” City Manager Stephanie Dietz said in the statement. “We see this as an important pilot program that can be extended to other shopping centers across the city. “