Midland’s new downtown parking system 2.0

ByShannon J. Cortes

Sep 15, 2022

Say hello to lots of free parking and paid on-street parking in Midland starting September 15e!

For immediate release

(September 14, 2022 – Midland, ON) Effective Thursday, September 15, 2022, most parking in downtown Midland will continue to be free. As approved by Council, the Midland parking system will introduce free parking in all town center lots and a new pay and display system for on-street and port parking.

The move to a Pay and Display on-street parking system means that plate information no longer needs to be entered into machines. Mobile device apps continue to be available with entered plate information.

What is changing?

  • Parking downtown is free (no overnight parking).
  • Free parking everywhere throughout the month of December.
  • Pay and display downtown on-street parking six days a week (Monday-Saturday) 9am-5pm daily at $1.00 per hour.
  • The north side of Bayshore is converted to Pay and Display parking six days a week.
  • Midland Harbor parking rates increase to $1.50 per hour, seven days a week.
  • Users who pay with coins, credit/debit cards or smart payment devices will pay and display their parking receipt on their vehicle’s dashboard.
  • App users will park, pay and drive away, as no receipt is required for viewing.

“Over the past year, staff and Council have listened to residents and visitors and worked with citizen and business groups to develop a solution to our parking system that is affordable, easy to use and provides payment options,” said city mayor Stewart Strathearn. from Midland. “We hope that free parking in the downtown lots will help reinvigorate downtown shopping, while revenue from Pay and Display on-Street parking will provide some tax relief and allow visitors to our area to contribute with their paid parking. ”

What are the payment options?

  • Piece of money – The machines accept exact change, in a variety of coins. No change is returned. The receipt must be displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle.
  • Faucet – At the machine, credit cards, debit cards, smart payment devices (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, JBC Payment) are accepted. Credit cards can also be inserted without the need for a PIN code. The receipt must be displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle.
  • Application – On Apple or Android devices, HotSpot or Parkedin apps can be used to pay for parking with plate information. No receipt is required for posting. Regulatory staff will scan customer license plates to validate app payments.

For assistance or more information on parking system updates and instructions, visit www.Midland.ca/Parking or call Customer Service at 705-526-4275 ext. 2255.