Montgomery is looking to expand its public transportation system

ByShannon J. Cortes

Jul 19, 2022

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) – The city of Montgomery and public transportation officials are looking to expand the transit system.

Some people have to wait up to 90 minutes for a bus. Officials want to reduce that to around 20 minutes.

“When someone is out there waiting for the bus, especially in this southern heat or in the rain, 90 minutes, two hours is a long time to be up,” said Samuel Tensley, the general manager of the M, public transport. system that runs throughout the city.

At Monday’s Montgomery Transportation Coalition meeting, Tensley explained that a consulting firm would come in to time routes and make recommendations for new ones.

It is part of a public transit development plan to make the bus system more efficient. A and to achieve this, they plan to add 10 buses to their fleet over the next year.

“If you get two buses that run 60 minutes, if you add two more buses to that route, you’re already at 30 minutes,” Tensley said. “So you do the math. The more buses, the better the frequency.

Years ago, downtown streetcars rolled through the streets. It was a must in the capital and offered multiple routes for tourists and residents. Now there is an effort to bring them back.

“We are considering, in our transit development plan update, making this recommendation to eventually bring this service back to downtown Montgomery,” said Robert Smith, the city’s director of planning.

In the meantime, the city maintains its current fleet of buses. Two buses had air conditioning problems this week, but they have since been repaired, the city official said.

“It’s extremely important that our riders have the best riding experience possible,” Smith said. “Whenever our transit system sees a problem, it pulls these buses off the road and fixes them.”

In addition to these bus upgrades, officials said they are considering something called microtransit. It would be almost like Uber or Lyft. Essentially, a passenger can call and book a specialized van to pick them up.

Those looking for bus routes in the Montgomery area can visit

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