Moto Pizza opens second location in downtown Seattle

ByShannon J. Cortes

Jul 4, 2022

If you’re a huge pizza fan, chances are you’ve explored Seattle’s pizza scene. After all, our city is full of amazing pizzerias to choose from. That being said, there is one West Seattle spot that has seriously hooked our city. It’s Moto Pizza and they’re opening a new restaurant in downtown Seattle.

Moto Pizza opened in January 2021, making it a still relatively new addition to Seattle’s dining scene. However, they quickly made a name for themselves by offering their customers inventive pizza flavors like crab, clam chowder, and even a chopped cheese-inspired pizza. They truly live up to their tagline of “Seattle’s Weird Pizza”.

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Although details on the new spot are still limited, we do know a few things. The new location will be 3131 Western Ave, and yYou will be able to mark your favorite unique classic pizzas as well as new ones. And to really stand out, the new location will even feature a hydroponic wall where the restaurant will grow produce for its tasty pies.

Will the pies sell out months in advance at this place? Only time will tell, but due to the popularity of the West Seattle location, it’s safe to assume Moto’s popularity will only grow. Best of all, the new spot should open this summer, so you won’t have to wait too long. Until then, you can find out more at Moto’s instagram. Enjoy!