Nashville Fire Department Releases New Downtown Emergency ATVs

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Nashville Fire Department released new first responder ATVs over the weekend.

These new vehicles will allow first responders to more effectively assist those in need in the Entertainment District. News 2 spoke with EMS District Manager Brooke Haas. She said these vehicles had been in the works for some time.

“We have MC 1 and MC 2. Hopefully we will acquire more in the future,” Haas said.

Vehicles are staffed with a paramedic and an EMT. Haas said these are not transportation vehicles, but will serve a great purpose in the entertainment district.

“During big events like New Year’s Eve and 4th of July and a few others, the ambulance can’t quite get to the scene due to congestion. So we can load the patient, take him a few blocks away, transfer him to an ambulance, and then he can transport him to the hospital,” Haas explained.

These vehicles replace older EMS ATVs that the Nashville Fire Department has used for years. New vehicles launched over the weekend during city center congestion during the Grand Prix. Haas said they were useful dozens of times over.

“We used it from Thursday to Sunday. We were excited to use them first at our inaugural event here. We made over 50 responses during that time using them,” Haas said.

Both new vehicles have a medical bag inside. It’s full of supplies that first responders might need for those downtown calls. Haas said all of the new features make it easier for the patient and first responders.

“There is a stretcher in the back, which helps us get the patient out. With the MTBs we use, we have to use different devices to bring patients to the MTB. They are in a controlled environment; they have air conditioning; they have a radiator. The patient can be cared for in privacy instead of having lots of people watching and seeing what’s going on,” Haas said.

Haas said having these vehicles downtown and pre-arranged before an event will allow them efficient access to patients instead of having large fire station equipment trying to access the area.

Each ATV with the patient enclosure costs around $80,000. The NFD plans to add two more ATVs to the fleet by the end of 2021.