Neighborhood Cleanup Targets Downtown West | Homes and lifestyle

ByShannon J. Cortes

Apr 20, 2022

Posted on April 20, 2022
| 09:00

The Salvation Army Hospitality House (“The Sally”), 423 Chapala St., is co-hosting a neighborhood spring cleanup in partnership with Downtown West residents, from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, April 23, between Cota St. and Gutierrez, and Bath and Rue Chapala.

Neighbors and residents of the Salvation Army Home will weed, pick up trash, remove graffiti, sweep sidewalks and trim brush.

“We want to be a good neighbor and help our community,” said Mark Gisler, general manager. “Some of our neighbors know we’re here, and we love meeting more of them and sharing our work. We think it’s important to be an ongoing positive presence in the neighborhood, to benefit the community.”

Residents Christina Pizarro and Sharon Byrne began doing the cleanups more than a decade ago, working with Lorraine Cruz-Carpinter of the Santa Barbara Division of Environmental Services. Environmental Services provides the equipment the team needs, such as brooms, litter pick-up sticks and safety vests.

“It really made the neighborhood safer and created a sense of being loved and cared for,” Pizarro said. She is one of the event’s sponsors, along with Byrne, Angela Krablin of the Salvation Army Advisory Council and Irwin Rainak of the International Autohaus.

Krablin, the chairman of the advisory council, who has been involved in cleanups in years past, said: ‘It has been great to work with Hospitality House residents, local neighbors and council volunteers to clean up the neighborhood. . We have picked up litter, weeded and planted at past clean-up events. It is very gratifying to see the wonderful end result.

Marborg donates a dumpster to collect all the trash, which is a big help for a popular, low-budget neighborhood effort.

“We’ve been doing this cleanup for a decade, in the spring. It always feels good to see neighbors get their hands on our community and feel a sense of pride in our little area,” Byrne said.

About six years ago, the cleanup of the neighborhood was organized around the mural that adorns the AutoHaus, which put an end to years of graffiti there. “Over time, you can see how the neighbors have really made a difference,” Byrne said.

Residents like Martha Ruiz and Raquel Zaragoza are still participating. Ruiz organizes the participation of his roommates from the El Zoco lofts. “My kids grew up doing this every year,” Zaragosa said. “It gave them a sense of pride in our neighborhood.”

A lunch for the volunteers will be served at noon at the Sally. Santa Barbara Wood Fired Catering will provide pizza from their mobile brick oven and salad. Residents bring other side dishes and drinks.

“It should be a great day and a win for the neighborhood,” Byrne said.