Network grief: Petition urging Peterborough Transit to return to hub system from network system

A new online petition is calling on City Council to review the Peterborough Transit route system put in place by the city during the COVID-19 pandemic because it is ‘inferior’ and ‘not working’.

The transit system was redesigned in 2020, moving from a hub system (where all buses radiated to the main transit terminal on Simcoe Street downtown) to a grid system (where buses follow a grid throughout the city).

The idea was to reduce congestion at the main terminal during the COVID-19 pandemic, but many riders told the city council that the system was now slow and inconvenient.

The new petition explains that the routes are inaccessible for people with reduced mobility and for the elderly, for example, because there are too long waits at the new transfer points where there is not necessarily a bus shelter.

“Because of this new substandard grid system, runners are missing medical appointments, work, school, social events, or any other scheduled event,” the petition reads.

Meanwhile, the city council now plans to set up a new transit users group to come up with ideas for improving transit.

The plan is for the group to be established during the council’s next term, after the October 24 municipal elections.

The petition – which had 440 signatures as of Friday evening – can be viewed and signed at