Oceanside Police are looking to install 54 surveillance cameras in the town center

ByShannon J. Cortes

Jun 1, 2021
Oceanside Police Headquarters
Oceanside Police Headquarters. Courtesy of the department

The Oceanside Police Department is asking the city to approve a $500,000 allocation to purchase 54 surveillance cameras they want to install in the city.

If approved, police would have access to 24-hour footage of high-traffic areas downtown. The money for the surveillance system would come from Measure X, a sales tax increase approved by voters in 2018, Fox5 reported.

The proposal was on the agenda for Wednesday’s city council meeting, the station reported.

“I hope this helps us keep people safe in our town centres,” Oceanside Police spokesman Tom Bussey told Channel 5.

City staff and police and fire boards recommended the measure be approved, purchasing the cameras and associated storage system from Lake Forest-based Discover IT Solutions, the station reported.

Police said the system would store video for up to a year and be deleted, and the cameras would only monitor public areas.

The plan still raises questions about privacy, Bussey told the station. “It’s not Big Brother watching, that sort of thing,” he claimed. “It’s not something we’re going to watch all the time,” he added.