Police arrest homicide suspect in downtown Seattle, say he is also charged with multiple armed robberies

ByShannon J. Cortes

Mar 23, 2022

Seattle police, the FBI and US Marshals have arrested a suspect accused of shooting and killing a man last month in downtown Seattle.

Police said Wednesday that Marcus Chaney, 44, is also charged with multiple robberies in the Seattle area, including one Feb. 11 in the SODO neighborhood where a bank worker was shot.

Later that month, on February 27, Seattle police responded to 3rd Ave and Pine Street for reports of a shooting. Officers arrived to find Reno Maiava, 52, shot multiple times. The shooting took place in broad daylight.

Seattle Fire Department officers and medics attempted to save lives, but Maiava was dead at the scene.

“Knowing that I’ll never hold him again. I’ll never kiss him again. I can’t tell him I love him. It’s not fair,” Maiava’s fiancée Dana Leadbetter said , to FOX 13 right after his death.

On March 23, following news of Chaney’s arrest, Leadbetter spoke with FOX 13 anchor and The Spotlight host David Rose at the site where his fiancee was shot.

“It’s a bit emotional, but I get good justice for Reno, his family and myself,” she said.

Of Chaney, she said: “I’m sure he has the love of his life too, and I’m sorry for that, for the choices he made in his life and I can forgive, I don’t. I can never forget, and I just hope he learns from it or at least feels what I must feel every day without Reno.”

Investigators questioned Chaney, then jailed him March 22 for homicide and multiple counts of robbery. Ahead of his arrest on Tuesday, the King County District Attorney’s Office said Chaney had already been charged in another felony case involving an armed robbery at a pot store.

Several guns and suspected fentanyl pills were recovered when police arrested Chaney from a hotel room in Tukwila, court documents show. Court documents also say that Chaney admitted to several armed robberies at banks and pot shops.

Chaney was scheduled to appear in court on March 23, but declined to appear for his first appearance.

According to documents obtained by FOX 13, Chaney has an extensive criminal history dating back to at least 1994. His charges range from driving with a suspended license to theft and possession of firearms.

FOX 13 anchor and The Spotlight host David Rose sat down exclusively with Leadbetter and was able to get the photo of the suspect linked to Maiava’s death.

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