Sandwich shop opens in downtown Dallas with futuristic ordering system

ByShannon J. Cortes

Apr 29, 2022

Dallas-based Which Wich Superior Sandwiches has unveiled a new kind of restaurant in downtown Dallas. Called Who!it is a spin-off of Which Wich that uses a new “virtual cashier” ordering system, as well as a new store design and revamped menu.

The store is located at 1410 Main St., in the original Which Wich location which had been closed for two years. It reopened on April 29.

The store uses a YellowLAB virtual cashier system, Sinelli’s latest attempt. According to a release, this is new technology designed to help combat the hiring challenges that many companies have endured, especially in the restaurant industry.

It is also a way to reintroduce human interaction into a particularly digitalized restaurant ordering experience, especially over the past two years.

When diners enter the restaurant, they are greeted by a row of booths with menu boards and a live person on screen in an undisclosed location taking your order. You pay and the kitchen fulfills your order and places it in a pick up area.

This innovative system allows employees to work from home. It also allows restaurants to reduce the number of workers.

The downtown store already had a tradition of innovation in its ordering system: previously, they had sandwich bags printed with menu options. Diners placed their order by checking boxes, then handing the bags to the cashier.

Ironically, the new high-tech system reintroduces the human touch, even if the human is on a screen. Although this is irony? It seems ironic.

New menu options include French dip, grinder, egg salad with candied bacon and a larger selection of plant-based sandwiches, which have long been a Sinelli passion. (For its chicken-themed spin-off Birdguesa, it included vegan chicken from famed company Atlas Monroe.)

The downtown store also uses all electric vehicles for delivery.