Sim City Trending at Kingsport at the Downtown Sports Mill | John M. Dabbs

ByShannon J. Cortes

May 28, 2022

Manager interacting with Sports Mill customersJOHN DABBS/Photographer

Jody and Hunter Millsap transformed the warehouse at 600 East Market Street into The Sports Mill. The bar opened at the end of 2020 with two high definition sports simulators.

Sip and Sim

One of The Sports Mill’s high definition simulatorsJOHN DABBS/Photographer

The 13ft by 10ft simulation screens are surrounded by a 19ft grass base, stereo surround sound and computer vision ball tracking systems, providing customers with an exciting immersive experience. Simulators offer participants a choice of 30 or more sports, including:

  • Golf
  • baseball
  • basketball
  • soccer
  • Soccer
  • carnival games
  • hunting simulations
  • survival games… and more

The Sports Mill bar serves local and craft beer, eight of which are on tap. The selection includes beer and sodas. There’s also a vintage slushie machine from Wallace News Stand. Food amenities are limited on-site with fries, popcorn, nuts, and nachos. They often have a food truck planned out front when larger crowds are expected.

The location is designed not only for the bar crowd. They’ve designed the establishment to be welcoming to people of all ages (they even serve non-alcoholic drinks), and it’s a good place for family or group gatherings.

Those wishing to schedule time on The Sims to avoid a wait can call 423.323.3035 or use the online form to register their spot. If you have an entourage, the simulators can accommodate spectators. There’s also a lounge area with TVs and an outdoor patio.

The Sports Mill is generally not crowded and the atmosphere is calm and relaxing enough for families and couples to feel comfortable and enjoy their time here without worrying about thugs who can sometimes cause problems in a bar environment. Not so here. Try them.