Snow Pounds Chicago Lakefront; Lacustrine snow will persist after the departure of the larger system

ByShannon J. Cortes

Jan 10, 2022

EVANSTON, Illinois (CBS) – Snow fell rapidly along the shores of Lake Chicago on Saturday night and overnight, and lakefront snow will persist even after the largest storm system has departed.

As CBS 2’s Shardaa Gray reported, some people made the most of the situation – or even enjoyed it – by braving the cold for family fun.

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“It’s amazing,” said a young man and Maxemo Lorenzo.

Although Maxemo didn’t have a sled when he came to Montrose Harbor on Saturday afternoon, he loves Chicago so much that 20-degree temperatures were not in his thought process.

“We’re going to have a snowball fight a lot of times. I love Chicago, ”Maxemo said. “I actually don’t care about the cold. I love snow.

And many other families in Montrose Harbor as well.

“It’s awesome,” said Eric Eversman, who brought his daughter to Montrose Harbor. “We kind of rushed this morning to buy a sled – we didn’t have one – and our daughter has never ridden a sled before. She was confused, but she really enjoyed it.

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Earlier today, we saw families use their sleds as armor shields to block off the forces of the old winter man.

” It is really cold. It’s really windy, ”Eversman said. “So I hope the snow continues to fall so that everyone can have a good day of sledding. “

“I think it’s okay,” added Nacho Sola, who has also taken his family to tobogganing. Just being outside, obviously, with all the precipitation – cold, not cold – just being outside. There is no one here, so let’s try to make the most of it.

Whether parents are prepared for the cold or not, there is one thing the kids we spoke to agreed with.

” It’s the most beautiful day of my life ! Said a child.

To the north in Evanston, parking lots have been set up to Evanston residents can park and leave their car to make room for snowplows. The City of Evanston says you can visit the downtown Maple Avenue parking garage and city parking lots until Thursday, January 6.

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CBS 2 meteorologist Robb Ellis noted the larger global weather system will disappear over the next few hours – ending around midnight. But the lake’s improvement will be dominant overnight and across northwest Indiana on Sunday morning.