“The income generated by the city center is vital”: the Jackson Street Market Days in Harlingen expand

HARLINGEN, TX (ValleyCentral) – Local shopping and supporting entrepreneurs are essential to a city’s growth, which is why the town of Harlingen is expanding its Jackson Street Market Days.

Alexis Alaniz, downtown manager for the city of Harlingen, said the neighborhood has received a lot of support through the downtown stores and their monthly Jackson Street Market Days event.

According to Alaniz, the Jackson Street Market Days generated great demand and interest from the community, leading them to expand the market to other vendors and areas.

“We are excited to expand it and will be adding up to 80 additional vendors. Market Days expansion will extend to West Van Buren and Centennial Park. Centennial Park will be our food truck vendors, plus our information booths, and at West Van Buren we will have vendors from plant shops to antiques to home decor, ”Alaniz said.

She explained that the market day event attracts visitors from the community and from across the valley.

Alaniz said it helps because people go to shopping in the downtown businesses and help them get acquainted with what the city has to offer. This way, the market gives budding entrepreneurs a boost to start a business, according to Alaniz.

Harlingen Grand Chamber CEO Javier De Leon said that one of his goals in his role is to attract traffic to the city and more specifically to the city center.

He explained that the city center is Harlingen’s story and should be preserved by shopping and investing in the city center.

De Leon said downtown revenues are important to the city’s budget and economic growth.

“The income generated by the city center is vital for the city of Harlingen. It brings businesses, jobs, opportunities, visitors from everywhere, ”said De Leon.

He said the Harlingen Grand Chamber, the city of Harlingen and the Harlingen Economic Development Corporation are working closely to ensure the city’s prosperity.

For more information on Harlingen city center and the Grand Harlingen Room, you can visit their websites.