Three Carlisle businesses relocate to downtown | Carlisle

ByShannon J. Cortes

Mar 14, 2022

North Hanover Street in Carlisle is no stranger to ribbon cutting.

Over the past year, the street has welcomed Carlisle Creative Vibes, Playa Bowls and Dough and Arrows, among other new faces, but some companies are making the cut a second time after moving to North Hanover Street from other nearby locations. .

Boutique on Pomfret, No Common Scents and Mary Williams Photography are all planning to open or have already reopened in their new North Hanover Street homes.

Shop on Pomfret

“It’s bittersweet,” Boutique on Pomfret owner Leslie Rhodes said of the move. “That’s the phrase that keeps floating around here.”

Rhodes opened the store’s new location at 101 N. Hanover St. on February 26 after moving from its previous location at 16 W. Pomfret St.

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Rhodes said the decision to move was made when she learned that previous location owner (and former Boutique on Pomfret owner) Judy Mohr was moving to South Carolina.

She said the next person in line for the spot at 101 N. Hanover St. was Tami Shaffer, owner of No Common Scents, but Shaffer decided to move to another location, leaving the door open for Rhodes.

“I called the rental company right away and that’s how it went, because someone would have jumped on it pretty quickly,” Rhodes said.

She said the new location was great and the future of the business was more certain than in the rue Pomfret building, making the decision to move without thinking.

“I love this block,” Rhodes said of Pomfret Street as tears welled up in his eyes. “I get emotional when I talk about it.”

Rhodes said other than the location, nothing would change about Boutique on Pomfret, including its name.

“Pomfret Street is going to be with me on Hanover Street,” Rhodes said.

She said her husband had done just about all the renovations to the new location and the move was done quickly.

“I’m excited,” Rhodes said. “I think it’s going to be a great opportunity.”

No common scents

Shaffer opted not to take the vacant spot at 101 N. Hanover St., instead moving his bath and body shop, No Common Scents, two doors up from 15 to 5 N. Hanover St. in the former location of Kindred Kaboodle.

Shaffer said the owners of the new location are doing “significant renovations” to the exterior of the building. She announced on No Common Scent’s Facebook page that the business was planning a soft opening on March 19 and a grand reopening the following week.

She said she moved in “preparation for expansion”.

“I’ve been here at this place for six years,” Shaffer said. “…I found that people really loved my product, so I started expanding my product line.”

The location change will also bring other changes to Shaffer’s shop.

To start, Shaffer said that during COVID-19, she and her husband started a flower farm to add to the business.

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“My bouquets are pretty unique and I love them and I bring them and I need the piece,” Shaffer said.

She said the new location even has a yard to accommodate her flowers.

Shaffer said her packaging, which she designs herself, will also look a little different and described the new style as “eco-chic”.

A recent addition is the ongoing sale of laundry detergent that Shaffer said he launched a few months ago. Shaffer said a friend of hers is moving from North Carolina and also showcasing her line of apothecary products at Shaffer’s new location.

Shaffer said she was “a little heartbroken” about the move because people loved the store she started.

“It’s recreating a whole new environment, that’s what makes me nervous,” Shaffer said. “It’s like a blank canvas again.”

However, she said she was trying hard to stay true to her vision and had “all kinds of ideas swirling” around in her head.

Marie Williams Photography

Anyone looking for Mary Williams Photography will now have to look a little higher.

Company owner Mary Williams moved from her old street-front location at 115 W. High St. to the second floor of 213 N. Hanover St. last April.

She said the move came about because her lease at her old location ended and the landlords wanted to expand the location of what was once The Brick Restaurant into its old space.

“I had no plans to move and during COVID there was the uncertainty of what was going to happen for the future of all small businesses, and finding a location that suited my needs with high ceilings and a shooting space…it was a challenge, but the doors opened where they needed to be and it worked really well,” Williams said. “It’s a great place now, I’m very happy.”

She said that although the move was “extremely stressful” at the time, she is very happy for One13 Social and thinks “everything is going great”.

Williams said the biggest difference in her new location is that she’s higher up. She said that while people enter less easily, the new studio provides a more private and comfortable setting for her clients.

Another difference is that Williams’ new location is larger.

“It’s definitely more space than before and more individual rooms to make the interior what the old studio was to the new studio. I have a hair and makeup room, I have a reveal room where I show the footage and there are very cinematic colors in there, and then the filming room is very big, with high ceilings.

Williams said she had another studio in York, and its location remained the same throughout her move to Carlisle.

Maddie Seiler is a reporter for The Sentinel and covering Carlisle and Newville. You can contact her at [email protected] and follow her on Twitter at: @SeilerMadalyn