Vivent Health opens a new clinic downtown

ByShannon J. Cortes

Aug 3, 2022

With a growing demand for comprehensive health services, Vivent Health is moving to expand its clinic. The new location will allow for a 33% expansion, which will accommodate an additional 1,000 patients. Essential health services will be more accessible to Milwaukee residents who need them, and Vivent Health aims to create a safe, flexible and destigmatized place where everyone feels welcome to get the care they need.

The new Vivent Health Clinic will be located at 1311 N. Sixth St. near the Deer District of Milwaukee. Move-in day is April 1, 2023. For more information on Vivent Health services, visit Serving All Affected by HIV AIDS (

“Vivent Health is the state’s leading provider of HIV prevention, care and treatment services,” said Bill Keeton, Vivent Health’s director of advocacy. “Our goal is to provide comprehensive and integrated health care and social services to people living with HIV.

Services rendered

Vivent Health has served Milwaukee by providing a variety of needed services for years. The mission is to make patients who have contracted HIV virtually undetectable and, in most cases, untransmittable. Vivent Health is also dedicated to education and disease prevention. The expansion will take the clinic from seven medical examination rooms to 15, five dental examination rooms to eight, as well as increasing the number of behavioral health rooms and expanding spaces for preventive services. This will create more educational opportunities that were not available before.

“Services include a medical clinic, dental clinic, behavioral health and wellness services, on-site pharmacy and social services including an on-site food pantry, housing and rental assistance , legal services and case management services,” says Keeton. “There are more people living with HIV than ever before in Milwaukee and the Milwaukee community.” The clinic already serves more than 5,000 patients, and this expansion will bring even more resources to an area of ​​the city where demand is highest.

“People living with HIV are leading longer and healthier lives than ever before,” says Keeton. “The goal of this new space is to ensure that more and more people who turn to us can access all of these services in a convenient, accessible, friendly and de-stigmatizing clinic.”