Whiteville seeks to revamp downtown

ByShannon J. Cortes

Mar 29, 2022

WHITEVILLE, Tenn. – With an influx of jobs, people and new businesses to West Tennessee, the City of Whiteville is planning to revitalize its downtown area.

“We have material coming in. We have a building that needs to be demolished,” Whiteville Mayor Gene Bowden said. “It’s going to become a green space, and we’re going to build a pavilion and it can be used as a farmers market or for entertainment purposes.”

Bowden says he wants to take the opportunity to expand with other areas in West Tennessee.

“People are nostalgic for what happened in the old downtown neighborhoods, and so we want to bring that feeling back, but we have to bring the businesses back down,” Bowden said.

Wondering how a city center with few shops became lively and bustling?

Bowden says one business can make or break the area’s popularity.

“You have to start with one company. A company comes up with a product that people love,” Bowden said. “People are going to be attracted there. This will trigger foot traffic and people will start talking.

Before new companies settle in the area, the objective is to start the first phase of the project.

That is, adding the first pavilion, demolishing one of the downtown buildings, and creating green space for picnic tables and lights.

“We’re preparing downtown for these businesses to come here, and we would really like them to come here and become our family,” Bowden said.

Bowden says if residents have questions, concerns or suggestions, they can visit Whiteville City Hall during business hours to discuss those recommendations.

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