Why its downtown is just as exciting

London in the UK and London in Ontario, Canada can be misleading for most due to the common names, located on the River Thames, sharing some common street names as well as Covent Garden, although each location has its own offerings. While the former is known for its world-class amenities, museums, theatres, historic sites and restaurants with a British feel, the latter is a medium-sized city, quite affordable, culturally rich, pleasant to live in but less prominent. Nevertheless, the following reasons will certainly prove why London, Ontario and its downtown area can also be exciting.

Places to see in London, Ontario

Visit Covent Garden Market

Open since 1835, it is one of the oldest markets in Canada and is known for its bustling nature. The market of the same name also exists in the UK with an incredible range of places to eat and shop. In London, Ontario, there is everything from coffee roasters, the largest assortment of cheeses, gourmet food purveyors, bakers, artisans, farmers markets and a host of restaurants. Additionally, it has a seasonal rotating ice rink for community activities and special events. Located in the Soho neighborhood on King Street, this is a staple in downtown Ontario.

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A visit to the museum London, Ontario

A deeper insight into cultural and social history is well reflected in this museum, established in 1940. About 45,000 artifacts from Canada and works by renowned artists like Paterson Ewen and Greg Curnoe are displayed here. Events such as the harvest festival, traditional powwow and popular winter festivals give it a heritage vibe. In addition, the Ontario Museum of Archeology also offers the opportunity to visit the 16th century Iroquois village.

Learn history at Fanshawe Pioneer Village

Sharing local London and Middlesex history, this place delves into 19th century homes and buildings. Demonstrating the history of rural communities, this village is owned and operated by the London and Middlesex Heritage Museum. With 25,000 artifacts ranging from furniture, arts, costumes, tools and equipment, this place also hosts historical events. Their traditional Christmas market holds the sparkle with crafts, music, food, souvenirs and snacks.

Relax in Springbank Park

Being the largest public space in the city, it is the city’s oldest park and an incredible retreat for relaxation. Located along the Thames River, it attracts many visitors, especially to the Storybook Gardens which opened in 1958 here. Currently there are no animals here, but this park is great for skating in the winter. In addition, the park offers rides, music and dancing on the outdoor stage, sand and water recreation, making it one of the best tourist attractions. Other than that, the park has plenty of trails that are undisturbed by vehicles and away from the hustle and bustle.

Venture into the Boler Mountains

If an adrenaline rush is something you are looking for, Visit To Boler Mountains can be a great place for outdoor sports. Popular for skiing and snowboarding in the winter and mountain biking in the summer, this location is also ideal for families thanks to cool activities such as snow tubing and cross-country skier watching.

Appreciate St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica

This magnificent building is the oldest church in the city. Built in 1844 with the revival of the Gothic style, it reflects the richness of the architecture and an incredibly picturesque setting.

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In addition to these must-see places, London, Ontario, is full of festivals and events.

Some famous festivals in London, Ontario

Whether it’s the trackside music festival featuring the best country music, the foodie rib party with food vendors selling barbecued ribs, pork chops, pork sandwiches frayed with competitions around, from art, film and music festivals to winter festivals in particular. For sports enthusiasts, London, Ontario has places such as Budweiser Gardens home to the NBA London Lightning basketball team and the OHL London Knights hockey team, Boler Mountain for ski enthusiasts and trails to Trek.

After the must-see places marked by buzzing events, these special restaurants should also not be missed for the scrumptious food and also the ambiance.

The early riser

Located downtown near Budweiser Gardens and Greyhound Station, this spot is typical for a good brunch menu. While the vibe is super chilled, with friendly staff serving mostly delicious eggs and French toast, this place can also be a bit pricey.

The bag lady

Looking for an eclectic vibe? Well “Bag Lady” will weave in some classic 90s childhood nostalgia while serving homemade soups, healthy sandwiches and salads. Located at Maitland and Pall Mall, it is still within a 10 minute walk of Richmond and Oxford.

Covent Garden Market

The market is full of various products and restaurants are one of them. You can choose from Chinese, Indian, gourmet, local dishes, desserts and meals ranging from $6 to $12. Located across the street from Budweiser Garden, it is easily accessible.

Smoked BBQ

Definitely not for vegetarians and a meat lover’s paradise, this place serves up sweet ribs, tender steak sandwiches, juicy pulled pork and anything meaty.

Milo’s Craft Beer Shop

With a great selection of beers and ciders, this place is on Talbot, around the Kittens Corner of Budweiser Gardens. The meal and a drink can vary from $20 to $25.

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