WV Fest returns to Charles Town as downtown continues to thrive | Journal-news

Participants line the streets of Charles Town during a recent WV Fest. The event, which celebrates West Virginia’s birthday, is set to return this year after a two-year absence due to COVID-19.

CHARLES TOWN – When news of the return of the WV Fest was posted last week on the Charles Town Now Facebook page, it immediately sparked excitement and interest from the community.

The beloved event that celebrates the state each June has not taken place since 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This festival celebrates our community, our state and our small businesses,” said downtown coordinator Liz Cook. “We are so happy to have him back in 2022.”

Years past have seen the streets of Charles Town flooded with locals and visitors alike, enjoying the food and festivities, and work is already underway to ensure the same energy and fun returns this year. Cook said organizers are currently looking for musicians, vendors and contestants for an “Are you smarter than an eighth-grader” competition because the event is still in the planning stages.

This year’s event is scheduled for June 18.

On Sunday morning, the Facebook event already had nearly 500 people showing interest, giving organizers even more reason to be excited for the return.

“Our businesses are really excited to welcome the community to downtown,” Cook said. “We’ve had a very ‘happy’ holiday season and we want to continue that momentum in the spring and summer.”

This winter, Charles Town held many of its annual holiday events, including the Christmas Tree and Light Lighting Contest, held in conjunction with Ranson. The city also saw the return of the Cheer Booth as downtown found ways to spread the holiday spirit in the safest way possible.

The fun this winter in downtown Charles Town continues, however, as the Valentine’s Day season approaches.

Last year, downtown businesses “crash” into each other. The business pairs found ways to support each other in person and on social media to spread joy and encourage individuals to visit both sites.

“Our Power Couples are back,” lamented Cook. “Our businesses are crashing into each other, and this year they swapped partners.”

Charles Town Now’s social media pages as well as individual company platforms will share who’s falling for whom, as many pairs will feature special offers related to both companies.

“It was such a hit last year, and local businesses really had fun with the different events over the past two years,” Cook said.

Seeing the owners and employees having fun while providing a little entertainment for others warms Cook’s heart as downtown Charles Town continues to expand and prosper with its small businesses.

“Our downtown wouldn’t be what it is without our businesses,” she said. “Each of them offers something unique, and together they form our historically hip downtown. It’s amazing to see them working together, having fun with each other and supporting each other, especially over the last few years. The community is built on Main Street, and these business owners have really helped create the wonderful community we have in Charles Town.

Anyone interested in keeping up to date with WV Fest or any other downtown event can follow Charles Town Now or the City of Charles Town on social media or the city’s website.